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RFID Component Encoder DLL

RFID Component Encoder DLLThe IDAutomation RFID Component is a DLL Encoder that provides an easy method to encode data in RFID tags. Using this component, RFID smart labels can be encoded and barcodes can be printed at the same time from custom .NET software applications, such as solutions created with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Delphi for .NET. This component offers the following advantages:

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RFID Encoder Application Screenshot.The IDAutomation RFID Component allows easy encoding of smart labels and tags, as well as the printing of graphics, text and barcodes, from the .NET Framework. The DLL and sample project were successfully tested on several RFID printers including Datamax and Zebra printers. Common uses of RFID include inventory, prescription drug identification, supply chain, medication identification and electronic article surveillance.

Features Include:

Encoder Application Included

IDAutomation's RFID Component includes an encoder application that demonstrates a few of the capabilities of the component. This application allows RFID tags to be encoded one at a time. Also included is the source code to the application created in Visual Basic .NET 2005 with the download.

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This product is compatible with the .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and above. To obtain the purchased version, order either the Linear .NET Forms Control or the 2D Forms Control packages which includes this component along with barcode generation components.

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