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TOP NOTCH Customer service

Review by Javier on 10/25/2020

I am a novice when it comes to barcode use, and the professionals at IDAutomation fully explained what I needed to get my scanner working, and which of their fonts were necessary to make that happen. Will always turn to them for my barcode needs by Michael on 10/26/2018

Integrated Easily with our Application

Review by Ratnam on 2/27/2020

We were looking for a barcode software solution that could integrate easily with our existing programs. We tried other bundle software that generated barcodes, but for the most part they would not integrate or provide the functionality that we were looking for. Many programs offered good features, but what attracted us more to IDAutomation was the ease of integration with programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word. IDAutomation Code 39 fulfill our requirement, it is very easy to use and generates consistent results. by Sara on 10/6/2014

These fonts are worth twice what I paid for them.

Review by steve on 4/10/2018

After wasting hours of my time trying to make consistently readable bar codes from the free fonts, I took a leap of faith and ordered ID Automation’s font set. Within a few minutes I had completed my project with high quality, readable bar codes.

Works with ChronoScan

Review by Anthony on 1/29/2018

Recommended to use this font package for bar-codes by ChronoScan rep. Working well and we are pleased. Thanks

Simple, Clean and Quick

Review by Ben on 1/3/2016

I used the Code 39 to make gift cards in InDesign. Merging images won't work in ID, and 1,000 of them would have been daunting to place individually! Code 39 allowed me to very easily merge a set of numbers in InDesign, no extra files, no extra messing, simple, clean and quick. Thank you!

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