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Successful Integration

Review by Katy on 6/19/2016

We have already installed the source code 128 on our computers and we printed our documents very successfully.

4.5 No One Can be Perfect!

Review by Chris on 1/16/2016

IDAutomation has stood behind us and we appreciate it.

Web Fonts Integrated with SyncFusion JavaScript RDLC ReportViewer

Review by Krittikorn on 1/4/2016

I lose time so much to research and looking for Free Code128 and no solution work, In the end I back to choose IDAutomation Code 128 Font Advantage Package I work very well and easy to implement , I can complete my job with in few day. I use Web fonts integrated with SyncFusuion JavaScript RDLC ReportViewer to preview/print Barcode 128 auto (pay-in Slip) on Web, Tablet, and Mobile.

All is Working Well

Review by Javier on 8/2/2015

After reading a and some trial-and-error, we got the Code 128 fonts working. A few more pictures in the user manual would be helpful.

The Font Package was Great!

Review by Warner on 5/28/2015

It took a little bit of technical help from your great staff to figure it all out, and it would have been nice to have the knowledge about the font needing to be in a size divisible by 6 to begin with, but otherwise I'd give it 5 stars! Thanks for all of your help! Your whole team was wonderful to work with and I really appreciate their help in getting me through the program in time for our event to be successful.

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