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Works Perfect

Review by Ratnam on 6/9/2018

I use it at clients to create QR Codes with Crystal Reports from ERP systems.

Works Wonderfully

Review by Mike on 5/11/2017

The product works wonderfully, but the web site is a nightmare to use. Install and configuration directions are convoluted and not step-by-step. Each time I have installed/configured the product, I have to keep my fingers crossed that I installed the right files - the directions just are not clean and do not provide confidence in the process. BUT, when it works - it is great!!!!

It Works Perfectly

Review by David on 6/4/2015

We use it with crystal reports to generate reports on our ERP.

Works Perfectly

Review by John on 6/26/2014

I had integrated this into our production by now. It is working well and with a few VBA macros and mail merge it works perfectly. My only point would be that this is a shame that I didn't find a way to use it only using Excel cause of the line space problem... By the way, it is more microsoft's fault than yours!

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