Downloaded Font Installation Procedures

All barcode fonts require a 2-step installation process:

  1. Install the barcode font. To do this, extract the fonts from the downloaded zip file and refer to the font specifications in the User Manual to determine which font to install. To install the font, refer to the examples below.
  2. Implement a Font Encoder in the desired application. A font encoder is required for all barcode types except Code 39 and Codabar. Font encoders convert the data that is to be encoded into a text string that will generate the correct symbol when combined with the barcode font. Popular user-licensed font encoders are included in the package; Developer licensed encoders are in a separate download file that is provided with all Developer License orders.

Font Installation for Windows 7 and above:

Open the font that you want to install. You should see a font dialog with a font preview. This area may contain symbols instead of characters that are used to generate barcodes. Choose Install. You may also right-click on the font file and choose Install.
Windows dialog font install

Font Installation for Mac OS X 10.3 and above:

Open the font file and choose the "Install font" button at the bottom of the font preview.
Mac font dialog installation

Other Operating Systems:

Additional Font Installation Procedures:

IDAutomation can assist with font installation on Windows and Mac systems. Assistance for font installation on other operating systems is limited. In some products, such as the .NET Standard Font Encoder, examples are provided in the product download.