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Barcode Label Design Software Summary
IDAutomation Barcode Label Software
From $199
Bar code label design software

IDAutomation Barcode Label Software is an easy to use WYSIWYG barcode label printing software application that prints barcodes, text and graphics on standard laser or inkjet printers, in addition to thermal barcode printers.

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG label design interface.
  • Prints to any Windows® printer that supports graphics.
  • Supports thermal printers with a Windows print driver.
  • Imports label data from comma delimited or CSV text, Microsoft® Excel and Access files.
  • The Pro version can link to data in ODBC, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
IDAutomation Check Printing Software
From $159
Bar code label design software

IDAutomation Check Printing and Design Software allows users to easily design, create and print bank checks onto blank or pre-designed check stock. This product is free to use with the purchase of the MICR E-13B Font Package.

  • MICR E13B fonts were created according to ISO 1004:1995 and meet the ANSI X9.27-1995 specs.
  • Has .NET Framework 2.0 native compatibility and Windows 8 and 10 compatibility.
  • Supports importing of signature, logo images, and secure number amounts.
  •  Includes VB scripting and database connectivity to CSV files, Excel, Access, Oracle, and SQL Server.
Barcode Image Applications Summary
IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator
From $139
Barcode Image Generator

The IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator is an end-user application that creates barcode images files and can paste barcodes into many Windows applications.

  • Easily create barcode image files in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and WMF formats.
  • Quickly paste barcodes into other Windows applications.
  • Create barcode image files for PhotoShop, Quark, CorelDraw and others for printing purposes.
Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder
From $99

Barcode Scanner ASCII String DecoderReveals hidden, non-printable ASCII characters and commands from keyboard emulation devices, such as USB Barcode Scanners.

It is useful in verifying commands such as FS, RS, GS, and EOT that are encoded in barcodes, because they are not normally revealed when the barcode is scanned.

Mobile Apps Summary
Barcode Data Decoder Verifier App & SDK

This app scans barcodes to verify encoded data, decode and reveal hidden ASCII control characters, GS1 FNC1 AI codes and view information about the encoding of the symbol.

  • Identifies common 1D & 2D barcode types and provides information about the symbol.
  • Parses encoded GS1 data to separate out each application identifier and element string.
  • Reveals ASCII functions that cannot be printed or viewed on the screen including the FS, RS, GS, CR, HT, LF, and EOT functions.
  • Provides recommendations about how to generate the symbol that was scanned.
  • Decodes UTF-8 in QR Code.
QR Code Contact Information Generator App

This app generates QR-Codes that may be saved or shared for specific purposes including:

  • Contact Information
  • WiFi Auto Connect
  • Website Redirection
  • GS1 Data

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