Microsoft Access Barcode Integration Guide

Review these solutions for integrating barcodes into Microsoft Access reports and forms. 

Native Barcode Generator for Microsoft Access  - Recommended Solution

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This native object integrates into Access reports and forms without installing fonts or any other components. The product stays embedded in the database, even when distributed, and allows very precise X dimensions to be set.

Compatibility: Supports Access 2003 and up in Windows.

´╗┐Supported Barcodes´╗┐Linear and 2D Barcodes.

Barcode Fonts and VBA Font Encoder

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Linear and 2D barcode font packages contain VBA Macros that convert user data into encoded characters that display the barcode after the font is applied. These packages also contain encoders for a variety of other environments, making it a very flexible and powerful barcode generation solution. 

Compatibility: Supports Access 2003 and up in Windows.

Supported BarcodesLinear and 2D Barcodes.